Founded in 1912 the Gävle Symphony Orchestra has been a vital part for symphonic music in Sweden. 2013-2022, the orchestra has enjoyed a fruitful musical partnership with principal conductor Jaime Martín, and during his tenure, the orchestra have released several highly acclaimed recordings and have toured in South Korea, China, Netherlands and, just prior to the pandemic, in England and Scotland.
In 2023 the Gävle Symphony Orchestra will make a new tour in England and Scotland, and the orchestra will tour under the name of Swedish Philharmonia. Gävle Symphony Orchestra will keep on existing with Swedish Philharmonia as the international tour name.

Swedish Philharmonia
P.O. Box 1283
801 37 Gävle, Sweden
Phone +46 26 172934

Swedish Philharmonia is the international tour name for Gävle Symphony Orchestra (est. 1912)